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planet guyWhy Was Developed was created to bring attention to the growing concern about our environment. Through keeping the world informed, providing educational programs, and offering our "Friends of Planet Guy" newsletter, we hope to make a difference in the quality of our lives on this small planet we call "Earth". The concept for Planet Guy originates from our concern for tomorrow, and for the generations we leave behind. All too often, for money or personal gain, the environment is made to pay the ultimate price for extreme greed and wastefulness.

Although some trends and habits are changing, others remain constant and unchanged. Sometimes we forget, or maybe don't realize, that our simple everyday behaviors can have a profound impact on the environment. Think about times when we sit in the drive-thrus for 10 minutes, instead of going inside; or use styrofoam cups for morning coffee, instead of bringing your own cup from home; or throw away your aluminum soda can at work, instead of recycling it. Do you you walk or ride your bike to the store or combine errands to save trips in the car? Small things like these would make an incredible difference in the daily consumption of our resources. We should all try to do something everyday for the environment.

The technology exists today for cleaner emissions vehicles, alternative power generation, recycling, and for the preservation of our forest and other natural resources. We are obligated to ourselves and to our children to utilize this technology, regardless of the cost or our personal needs. While some industries will cease to exists in the near future, others will be created offering new opportunities along with development and growth. Through the expansion of mass transit, advances in hybrid and alternate fuel vehicles, carpooling, and other programs, we are slowly making a difference. We must continue this endeavor as if our lives depend on it. Because it really does.

This site will update frequently with new information, surveys, and topics related to our environment. Thank you for visiting our website, and come again soon. Please remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."
(Beverly Sills)

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