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JULY 2005

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Increased Monitoring of Air Pollution Could Reduce Deaths

Eight thousand people a day die from air pollution but some simple preventative steps and increased monitoring could lessen the toll, according to a recently released report by Australia's Commonwealth Science Council. Of the 3 million annual deaths, 2.8 million are from indoor air pollution.

Computers' Appetite For Electricity Raises Concerns

Computers and the Internet were supposed to be energy-friendly technology, but some experts are beginning to question just how friendly. There’s no denying that the Internet allows millions of people around the world to communicate easily and cheaply without leaving home or office.

The Man Who Invented Earth Day

American Heritage magazine called the original Earth Day in 1970 "one of the most remarkable happenings in the history of democracy.... American politics and public policy would never be the same again."

Beavers do major ecosytem engineering

We live on a landscape shaped by big rodents. The handiwork of beavers turns streams into lakes and dry land into lush meadows.

To make room for new suburbs, 50 acres of forest are felled every day

Americans are at last beginning to question what a half-century flood of suburban expansion has wrought. Distressed about traffic jams, deteriorating air quality, and the loss of forests and rural lands to cookie-cutter suburbs, residents in places like Cherokee County are saying enough is enough - and electing potiticians who will heed their call.

Light Pollution is proving fatal to birds and other wildlife.

Leaving the lights on is more expensive than you'd think. It not only costs a chunk of change, but it also takes a surprising toll on the environment. The proliferation of artificial lighting threatens wildlife, ruins habitat, fouls the air, squanders resources, and blocks our view of the heavens.

Microwave Hazards

As a seventh grade student, Claire Nelson learned that di(ethylhexyl)adepate (DEHA), considered a carcinogen, is found in plastic wrap. She also learned that the FDA had never studied the effect of microwave cooking on plastic-wrapped food.


A Year 2000 Chance to Protect Some Natural Treasures

Which natural treasure is next on President Clinton's list? Now that he has used his powers under the Antiquities Act to protect three western landscapes and expand a national park area in California, conservationists are marshaling facts to convince the White House that a number of other outstanding places deserve similar protection before Clinton leaves office.


Can't Sleep?

If you can't sleep because a cricket's come calling, here's a sure cure. Put a wet washcloth in your kitchen or bathroom sink at night, and you'll find your noisy "neighbor" hiding there in the morning.

Shiny Shower Doors

To keep shower doors shiny and clear, use a soft cloth moistened with baby oil. It prevents scum build-up from dirt and soap. And hard water spots won't appear for several months.

Glass Cleaner

To make your own cleaning solution for windows that's easy and less expensive than commercial solutions, add 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol to 1 quart water. Either use it in a pail or pour it into an empty spray bottle.

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